OVARIAN CYSTS Ovarian cysts are ovarian masses consisting of a more or less thin wall in which there is a liquid of various nature: serum, blood, mucus. Most ovarian cysts in fertile women are luteinic or follicular cysts and are considered functional, ie they are affected by hormonal changes in the cycle. They often disappear and are treated by the gynecologist with medical therapy. Sometimes, however, they can suddenly break or twist the ovary. In these cases the woman must be hospitalized and evaluated to be a candidate for surgery. Ovarian cysts that increase in volume (above 5 cm), or accompanying a marker increase (CA-125) or having suspected ultrasound characteristics, are removed. SURGICAL TECHNIQUE LAPAROSCOPIC OVAR CIRCULATION. Simple cyst surgery involves the removal of cysts with the ovary saving and is generally performed via Laparoscopic ie through a miniinvasive technique that involves the use of optics and three small abdominal incisions of which one in the " Navel and two on the 5mm hips. Even in this case the intervention can be performed through a single umbilical engraving with the technique recently developed and defined as SILS or SINGLE INCISION LAPAROSCOPY.

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