Adrenal adenomas such as adrenal carcinoma and adrenal hyperplasia are pathologies that affect the outer part of the adrenal cortex. They are diseases diagnosed and treated by the endocrinologist and only second-handed to the surgeon if their removal is necessary.

    SURGICAL TECHNIQUES: Currently the most used modern technique for removing an adrenaline is LAPAROSCOPY ADRENALECTOMY. It consists in removing the surrene through microincisions in the abdomen of 5 or 10 mm. The technique is the classic of laparoscopic or miniinvasive surgery (see). The removed adrenaline fits into a bag and is pulled out of another so-called little service incision over the pubis. The surgery is performed in general anesthesia, lasting about two hours with a modest trauma. The stay is about two or three nights and the recovery is just as fast.


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